Faculty members holding tenure track or academic year contract appointments in any unit of the University may apply to join the Interactive Learning Space Initiative in AY 2018-2019.

Support includes faculty development sessions exploring engaged learning pedagogy, assistance with course redesign, assistance with creating and placing course materials online, assistance with scholarship and research design, and training in use of technology in the learning space.


  • Professional development sessions beginning with Intersession week and continuing throughout their time in the initiative (Conversation Hours in the summer and Faculty Learning Communities during fall and spring semesters).
  • Individualized support in course redesign.
  • General assistance with scholarship and research preparation.
  • Mentoring from a current ILS faculty member.
  • Use of one of the three Interactive Learning Spaces (TC 411, TC 412 and TC 414) for teaching the redesigned course for two semesters (Spring 2018 and Fall 2018). This may be followed by the use of additional ILS classrooms (BB 109 and RB109) across campus.


  • Participate in a faculty development program designed to (1) prepare them to use the space, equipment, and technology, and (2) assist them in redesigning their course to focus on application of content as well as methods that promote student interaction and engaged learning.
  • Produce scholarship regarding their use of and/or experience with the Interactive Learning Space. The type of scholarship produced will be determined by faculty members’ disciplines and/or contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). In preparation, they will complete CITI certification and the IRB proposal process.
  • Participate in research implemented by the Division of Online and Strategic Learning including, but not limited to, observation of faculty members’ use of space during instruction as well as surveys and/or interviews of faculty members and students enrolled in the courses.
  • Participate in presentations to colleagues about their experience with the Interactive Learning Space (faculty development, course redesign, course implementation, resulting scholarship) and be willing to serve as mentors for future Interactive Learning Space Initiative participants.

Twenty faculty representing five colleges were selected to join the Interactive Learning Space Initiative for AY 2017-2018 (Cohort 6). They, along with Cohorts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, will serve as mentors for the AY 2018-2019 cohort (Cohort 7).

Are you interested in seeing an ILS classroom in action or do you have additional questions? Contact Kathleen Jacobi.