Immersive Learning Scholarship by Ball State faculty, staff, and students (2018 – present)
  • Kuban, Adam, Griffin, Cooper, Lawyer-Smith, Tess and Rensink, Phoebe (2023, April 15-18).  Match Point 2.0 – The Rise of HBCU Men’s Volleyball (Award of Excellence).  2023 Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts.  Las Vegas, Nevada. 
  • O’Malley, Michelle (2019, April 3-6).  Experiential Activities:  When middle-school classroom and a local client walk into your classroom (Presentation).  2019 International Academy of Business Disciplines 31st Annual Conference.  Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Ewing, Mary (2018, November 15-17).  SLPs Role in the Analysis of Fluid Viscosities Used to Treat Human Dysphagia (Poster presentation).  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention.  Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Jones, Christina, Lebeau, Jean-Charles and Powers, Shannon (2022, February 16-19). Cardinal Wellness: an experiential learning opportunity with implications for developing social responsibility and engagement in sport management students (Presentation).  2022 Applied Sports Management Association Conference.  Indianapolis, Indiana. 

  • Jones, Christina (2018, November 10-14).  A novel community-university-clinical care partnership for family obesity treatment in low-income mothers and children: Mid-program evaluation of Cardinal Zuma (Poster presentation).   American Public Health Annual Meeting & Expo.  San Diego, California. 

  • Klosterman, Eric (2019, May 29-June 1) Incorporating Role-play Scenarios in Revenue Generating Courses (Presentation). North American Society for Sport Management 2019 Teaching and Learning Fair.  New Orleans, Louisiana.  

  • Gestwicki, Paul, Coy, Jennifer and Largent, David (2022, October 12-14).  The Forms and Uses of Undergraduate Student Game Design Logs (Presentation).  Meaningful Play 2022 Conference.  East Lansing, Michigan.

  • Leonardson-Placek, Caitlyn (2019, March 19-23).  Exploring Current Solutions to the Methodological Problems in Biocultural Anthropology (Presentation).  Society for Applied Anthropology – 79th Annual Meeting. Portland, Oregon. 

  • Peterson, Rai, Bradley, James and Shimkus, James (2021, June 8-10).  Extending the Library into DWNTWN:  University Libraries and Book Arts Collaborative (Presentation).  Rare Book and Manuscript Section Conference 2021.  Online. 

  • Peterson, Rai and Shimkus, James (2019, May 9-11).  Book Arts Collaborative (Panel discussion and presentation).  Granfalloon:  Kurt Vonnegut Convergence.  Bloomington, Indiana. 

  • Warren-Gordon, Kiesha (2021, February 24-26).  Envisioning the Future:  Exploring the Tenets of Critical Service Learning (Presentation).  2021 Indiana Campus Compact Summit.  Online. 

  • Warren-Gordon (2019, May 29-31).  Critical Service-Learning and the Ethical Considerations of Community Partnerships (Presentation).  Midwest Campus Compact.  Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

  • Woodward, Jerry; Robbins, Kirsten and Fife-Demski, Veronica (2023, April 13-16).  Reciprocal Relationships’ Benefits to Year-Long Immersive Programs in Urban Schools (Presentation).  2023 American Education Research Association Annual Meeting.  Chicago, Illinois. 

  • Yang, Jason (2023, March 23-27).  Evaluation of GIS and remote sensing in studying the living quality in neighborhoods in Muncie, Indiana (Poster presentation).  2023 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting.  Denver, Colorado. 

  • Yang, Jason (2022, February 25-March1).  Mapping the neighborhoods living quality in Muncie, Indiana USA (Poster presentation).  American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting.  Online.
  • Earhart, Carla and McKellar, Hannah (2022, April 20-22).  Home Work:  Expanding Housing Education for the Elementary Grades (Presentation).  Architecture, Media, Politics, Society Conference:  Focus on Pedagogy.  Online.
  • Angne Alfaro, Sarah (2022, March 1-5).  Using Nature to Redesign Places of Worship (Presentation).  2022 Interior Design Educators Council Annual Conference. Online.
  • Attallah, Sherif (2022, November 9-11).  Race to Net-Zero:  Challenges with Solar Decathlon Competitions (Presentation). 2022 Annual Conference of the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering.  Louisville, Kentucky. 
  • Collins, Tom, Costello, Sean, Burris, Jacob, Adams, Craig, Klemen, Daniel, Hamilton, Rosie, Obermeyer, Austin, Underwood, Landon, Mitchell, Al and Stuckey, Jasmine (2019, April 12-14).  Ball State Urban Single-Family and Ball State Mixed Use Multi-Family (Design challenge finalist).  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon Design Challenge.  Golden, Colorado. 
  • Eshrati, Dorna (2023, May 24-27).  Revisiting Factors Shaping Inclusive Built Environment, A Respond to Ever-Changing Values (Presentation).  43rd Annual Conference of the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation.  Richmond, Virginia. 
  • Harwood, Pamela (2019, May 22-26).   Engaging Community Built Collaboration to Transform an Underutilized Community Garden in a Food Desert into a Food Oasis (Presentation).  EDRA50 Brooklyn.  Brooklyn, New York. 
  • Yoo, Sanglim (2019, April 13-15).  Brownfields to Brightfields (Poster presentation). American Planning Association National.  San Francisco, California.
  • Jefferson, Ruth (2020, April 3-9).  Short-Term Fun or Long-Term Outcomes? The Effects o  Planning and Implementing an Equestrian Camp on the Dispositional Development of College Students Learning about the Educational Needs of Children with Disabilities (Presentation).  Center for Scholastic Inquiry Conference.  Charleston, South Carolina. 

  • Latz, Amanda, Ortiz, Rosalinda, Rodesiler, Carrie, and Ley, Jared (2019, March 28-30). Community College Adjunct Faculty:  Picturing Pedagogies of Care (Paper session).”  2019 Council for the Study of Community Colleges Annual Conference.  San Diego, California.

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