Heritage Language

2024 Immersive Learning Faculty Award

Heritage Language Maintenance and Recruitment

Chin-Sook Pak, Department of Modern Languages and Classics

Community Partner: Warsaw, IN Community Schools

"During Fall 2022, Professor Chin-Sook Pak's Hispanic students in Spanish 305: Spanish Grammar for Heritage Speakers collaborated with Warsaw Community High School. The group formed mentoring partnerships to encourage maintenance of Spanish as their heritage language and to increase their access (recruitment) to higher education. Chin-Sook's students had weekly mentoring sessions with the high school students, hosted them on campus, and collaborated on creating a creative writing magazine. The collaboration developed supportive relationships that validate heritage speakers' lived experiences, addressed their socio- affective needs for educational success, and affirmed their linguistic and cultural heritages."

A professor stands in front of a room full of students.

2024 Immersive Learning Faculty Award

Introduction to History/ Jennings Center Project

Wendy Soltz, Department of History

Community Partner: Jennings Center (Fort Wayne, IN)

"The director of the Public History Program, Dr. Wendy Soltz worked with students enrolled in Spring 2023 History 240: Introduction to Public History to practice oral history methods. Students learned how to conduct primary and secondary source research while working to document the history of the Jennings Center, a youth center in Fort Wayne. The interviews were digitally preserved, and students in the course co-wrote an article with Wendy about their experience which was published in the journal Teaching History."

A professor and student look at a laptop.

2024 Immersive Learning Faculty Award

Prism Project at the Center

Kelly Fischer, Department of Psychological Sciences

Community Partner: The Center for Performing Arts (Carmel, IN)

"Students in Professor Fischer's Psychological Sciences 495 course worked with the Center for Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana to design a program that helped individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders participate in a recreational performance arts program. The class culminated in a public show of the creative arts the individuals with disabilities developed, and performer profile sheets the students created for each participant helping to summarize each person's strengths and support needs. Students reported a greater understanding of how professionals from different disciplines can work together to serve unique populations, and an idea of a wider variety of career opportunities within the field of psychology."

In the reflection of the mirror, a Ball State student and younger student dance.

2024 Immersive Learning Faculty Award

Solar Decathlon

Pam Harwood and Tom Collins, Department of Architecture

Community Partner: Englewood Community Development Corporation

"In this multi-year Immersive Learning project, Ball State CAP students designed and helped to construct a house in Indianapolis for the 2023 Solar Decathlon Build Challenge competition. The outcomes of the Alley House project were the completion of two units of affordable housing in Indianapolis as part of a larger affordable housing development initiative, successful completion of the competition submission, and being awarded the First Place Overall prize. The students learned how to design net- positive energy housing that met the highest industry standards and how to build, construct, or install components that they designed collaboratively."

The Alley House
Immersive Learning Faculty Award Past Winners

John McKillip, Department of Biology
Project:  Fine Focus
Community Partner: Small World Initiative

Adam Berland, Department of Geography and Meteorology, and Adam Kuban, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
Project:  Sustainability Stories
Community Partners:  Muncie Action Plan, Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute, IUPUI Office of Sustainability

Adam Kuban
and Jennifer Palilonis, School of Journalism and Strategic Communitcation
Project:  Match Point 2.0: The Rise of HBCU Men's Volleyball
Community Partners: First Point Volleyball Foundation, USA Volleyball

Dorna Eshrati, Department of Landscape Architecture
Project:  Promoting Inclusive Excellence Through Urban Design: Case Study Nora Community, Indiana
Community Partner: Nora Alliance

Christopher Baas and Jeremy Merrill, Department of Landscape Architecture and J.P. Hall, Department of Architecture
Project:  Halteman Park
Community Partners:  Halteman Village Neighborhood Association, City of Muncie, Muncie Parks Department

Barbara Giorgio-Booher, School of Art and Tom McConnell, Department of Biology
Project:  Conservation Tales
Community Partners:  Rinard Orchid Greenhouse, BSU Stream Ecology Lab, Indianapolis Zoo

Kathryn Ludwig
and Andrea Wolfe, Department of English
Project:  Midwestern Stories
Community Partner:  Minnetrista Museum and Gardens

Sanglim Yoo, Department of Urban Planning
Project:  Brightfields for a Brighter:  Solar Potential Analysis for the City of Muncie
Community Partner:  Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter

Jill Christman, Department of English
Project:  Indelible: Campus Sexual Violence Project
Community Partners:  The Facing Project, Jana’s Campaign, Lantigua Williams and Co. 

Peggy Fisher, Department of Communication Studies
Project:  Preserving the Past and Looking Toward the Future: Historic Preservation and Digital  Storytelling for a Muncie Landmark Church
Community Partner:  St. Mary Catholic Church 

Darolyn “Lyn” Jones, Department of English
Project:  Sitting at the Feet of our Muncie Elders: Stories of Resistance and Resiliency
Community Partners:  Delaware County Senior Center, Westminister, and Whitely Community Council

Sarah Vitale, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Project:  Philosophy Outreach Project (POP)
Community Partner:  Muncie Community Schools 

Special Recognition was given to:
Jill Christman, Mark Neely, and Todd McKinney, Department of English
Project:  River Teeth Learning Lab
Community Partner:  River Teeth: A Journal of Narrative Nonfiction, University of New Mexico Press

Carolyn Dowling and Jessi Haeft, Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources
Project:  Lead (Pb) in Muncie and Delaware County
Community Partner:  United Way of Delaware County

Dave Largent, Department of Computer Science
Project:  Computer Science for Middle Schoolers +
Community Partners:  Northside Middle School, Daleville Junior/Senior High School, Burris 
Laboratory School, Northside Middle School, Muncie Central High School 

Jennifer Palilonis, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
Project:  David Letterman Learning Experience
Community Partner:  Ball State University Office of the President, David Letterman 

Mary Annette Rose, Department of Educational Studies
Project:  Measuring and Reporting for Sustainability
Community Partners:  Ball State University, Center for Energy Research Education Services

Elizabeth Agnew, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Project: Muslims in Muncie
Community Partner: Islamic Center of Muncie

Stacey Allred, Department of Elementary Education
Project: Summer Learning Fun at Camp Adventure
Community Partners: Muncie Community Schools, Camp Adventure, Burris Laboratory Schools, Yorktown Community Schools, Wes-Del Elementary School

Kate Elliott, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
Project: Harvesting Hope: A Yearlong Food Storytelling Project
Community Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank

Josh Gruver, Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources
Project: Reimagining Local and Sustainable Food Systems: Muncie Food Hub Partnership and Mobile Market Development
Community Partners: Muncie Food Hub, Urban Garden Coalition, Ball State Student Farm, Edible Muncie

Pamela Harwood, Department of Architecture
Project: Maring-Hunt Community Garden Nature Play Pockets and Pavilions
Community Partners: Maring-Hunt Library, Thomas Park/Avondale Neighborhood Association

Elizabeth Bell, Department of Modern Languages and Classics
Project:  Bilingual Short Stories in Muncie City Schools
Community Partner:  Muncie City Schools

Beth Messner, Department of Communication Studies
Project:  Freedom Bus:  Celebrating East Central Indiana’s Civil Rights History
Community Partners:  Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Team; City of Muncie and Muncie Human Rights Commission, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Ball State University

Jennifer Palilonis, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication 
Project:  Blue Roots Project
Community Partners:  Circle of Blue, Project WET Foundation, Watershed

Rona Robinson-Hill
, Department of Biology
Project:  We Can Do Science
Community Partner:  Apple Tree Learning and Development Center

Tim Gray, Department of Architecture
Project:  GrOwING Green
Community Partner:  Center for Urban Ecology at Butler University

Pamela Harwood
, Department of Architecture
Project:  Head Start Nature Play
Community Partners:  Head Start of Muncie, Transition Resource Corporation

Terry Heifetz
, Department of Media, and Julie Metzger, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication 
Project:  Unmasked:  The Stigma of Meth
Community Partner:  Ball Brothers Foundation

Fred Kitchens, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
Project:  Computer Information Systems Capstone Project
Community Partners:  Gatorade, Terrance A. Smith Distributing (Budweiser), Indianapolis International Airport, MasterBrand Cabinets

Janet Fick, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
Project:  Rehabilitating Existing Houses for Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity
Community Partner:  Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity

Lee Florea, Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources and Adam Kuban, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
Project:  Water Quality within the Upper Mississinewa River
Community Partners:  Flat Land Resources, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, Red Tail Land Conservancy

John Pichtel, Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources
Project:  Conversion of a Former Auto Salvage Yard to a Community Green Space
Community Partner:  City of Muncie

Andrea Wolfe
, Department of English
Project:  Down to Earth:  Small Farm Issues in a Big Farm World
Community Partners:  Becker Farms, Living Lightly Fair 

Ruth Jefferson, Department of Special Education
Project:  High Riding Art and Equestrian Day Camp
Community Partner:  Blackford County Community Foundation

Rai Peterson, Department of English and Russ Wahlers, Department of Marketing
Project:  Magic that Works: Marketing the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
Community Partner:  The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

Jonathan Spodek, Department of Architecture
Project:  EcoRehab Design-Build Studio
Community Partner:  ecoREHAB of Muncie, Inc.

Beth Turcotte, Department of Theatre and Dance
Project:  The Circus in Winter
Community Partners:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County, Drury Lane Theater

Patricia Clark, Susan Tancock, Eva Zygmunt, Department of Elementary Education; Winnie Mucherah, Department of Educational Psychology; and Jon Clausen, Department of Educational Studies
Project:  Schools Within the Context of Community
Community Partners:  Buley Community Center, Longfellow Elementary School, Huffer Mem. Children's Center, United Way of Delaware County

Dave Concepcion, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Project:  Stance:  International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
Community Partners:  EBSCO Host and Philosopher's Index 

Michael Daehn, Department of Theatre and Dance; Amy Hourigan and Ryan Hourigan, School of  Music
Project:  The Prism Project
Community Partners:  Interlock: The East Central Indiana Autism Society of America

Chris Flook, Department of Media
Project:  Stories and Legends:  Historic Preservation in Muncie
Community Partner:  Muncie Community Development

Juli Thorson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Project:  Making Ideas Visible
Community Partner:  Gallery 308

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