At Ball State University, we invest and support employee development to establish an internal pipeline of skilled leaders with an ability to create an inclusive workplace of engagement and wellbeing to impact university strategic priorities aligned with our enduring values and mission. 

Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) Academy is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to introduce aspiring and current leaders to four aspects of leadership through learning modules.  In addition, woven throughout the program are opportunities to apply learning to your current position as well as culminate in a final business improvement project presentation.


The LEAD Academy is cohort based and a new cohort begins each Fall and Spring semester.  The cohort meets once weekly for a 3 hour session for a 16 total weeks.


We accept nominations through the Vice President of your respective division/college/unit.  To self-nominate, please express your interest in the program to your supervisor and ask your supervisor to inform the respective Vice President.  We will take all nominations into consideration when developing the cohort.  

Through this module, participants will take four personal assessments and tie together the outcome of each to further develop self-awareness and understand how that influences their leadership and management style.
Participants will apply knowledge of self to building teams, creating an engaging, inclusive work place, communication practices and developing a comprehensive leadership style.
This module will cover our enduring values and the university’s spirit of Beneficence to our strategic vision of the future.  Topics will include our funding model, student success and demographics.   Learn the way the university works from our leaders’ perspectives through a leadership roundtable.
In this module, increase your management skills through learning process improvement, coaching for maximum performance and conflict resolution.

LEAD Testimonial Videos:

We are honored to have some aspiring and great colleagues who have graduated from the LEAD program and have provided some short testimonials of their experience.  Watch these short clips to learn more about the impact of the LEAD academy on their work lives at Ball State.

How did the LEAD Academy ignite your passion and your purpose at Ball State? 

What was your favorite session of the LEAD academy and why?

If you were to recommend LEAD to a colleague, what would you say?

If you have any questions, please reach out to Charity Coffman, Assistant Director of Organizational Development and Learning, at or 765-285-1819.