If you are inside during an earthquake:

  1. Immediately take cover under a table or desk, or stand in a doorway. In areas where cover is not available, kneel at the base of an interior wall, facing the wall and with head down and covered by arms.
  2. Turn your body away from windows and mirrors.
  3. Be alert for falling objects and stay away from overhead fixtures, filing cabinets, bookcases, and electrical equipment.

If you are outside during an earthquake:

  1. Move to an open area away from buildings, trees, and power lines.
  2. If unable to move to an open area, watch for falling objects.

If you are in an automobile during an earthquake:

  1. Stop your vehicle in the nearest open area.
  2. Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops.

After an earthquake:

  1. Be aware of the possibility of aftershocks.
  2. If possible and it is safe to do so, evacuate the building as soon as the shaking has ceased.
  3. Do not move injured persons unless they are in obvious immediate danger (from fire, building collapse, etc.).
  4. Open doors carefully. Watch for falling objects.
  5. Do not use elevators.
  6. Do not use matches or lighters.
  7. Limit use of telephone to calls for emergency services.