To be prepared for an emergency, you should:

  1. Recognize the sound of the evacuation alarm.
  2. Know at least two ways out of the building from your regular workspace.
  3. Know the predetermined meeting location for your unit.

When you hear the evacuation alarm or are verbally instructed to begin evacuating the building:

  1. Try to make sure that all members of your department hear the alarm and evacuate the area by quickly checking nearby restrooms, copier rooms, storage rooms, etc., as you exit.
  2. Use the nearest stairway. Do not use the elevator.
  3. If requested, accompany and assist persons with disabilities.
  4. Shut all doors behind you as you go. Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke, and water.
  5. Evacuate as quickly as possible but in an orderly manner. Do not push or shove.
  6. Once outside, move at least 100 feet from the building or follow the instructions of emergency personnel on the scene. Stay away from building entrances to avoid interfering with emergency personnel or equipment.