Need help planning a conference, workshop, camp, or other event to be held at Ball State University? Use the following task list as a guide:

  • Determine the purpose, goals, and objectives of the event.
  • Select preferred dates (it helps to be flexible--facilities may not be available for your first or even second requested set of dates).
  • Contact the Conferences and Special Events Office to schedule the event.
  • Prepare a checklist for planning the event.
  • Select planning committees.
  • Prepare a working calendar.
  • Decide on the event's program structure.
  • Select speakers and entertainment appropriate to the goals of the event.
  • Work with the Conferences and Special Events Office, residence hall directors, and dining supervisors in coordinating the event details.
  • Return contracts and other event paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Remember and observe guarantee dates for food service and housing
    (if applicable).
  • Anticipate a successful event!

Let our support services help make your event a success. Our professional conference assistants are ready to meet your needs. For more information and assistance, browse the resources on this site and contact the Conferences and Special Events Office.