Community Partner of the Year Award

This annual award honors local businesses, community organizations, or agencies that have demonstrated excellence as a partner and co-educator in Ball State’s community-engaged learning experiences.

2021 Winner-Accutech

 Accutech teams with President Mearns

Handshake with Accutech representative and President Mearns

Accutech, a financial trust accounting and investment management software company headquartered in Downtown Muncie, was nominated by faculty member Huseyin Ergin for exemplary contributions to Ball State’s senior-level software engineering sequence.

In Fall 2019, Accutech partnered with Ball State students on three software projects. Trey Gourley, Accutech’s Lead Software Architect and 2005 Ball State alum, was assigned to oversee each student teams’ progress. Additional Accutech experts met monthly with students to move projects from the initial idea phase through the selection of software design tools, implementation, testing, and documentation.

Students had access to the latest industry tools and were welcomed into Accutech workspaces until March 2020, when work continued virtually. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, three software products were completed in Spring 2020 and transferred to Accutech.

The partnership continued in 2020-2021 with 17 new students across four new projects. In a win for both sides, Accutech has hired five students and brought on a sixth student as an intern. 

In the words of Dr. Ergin: “Working with Accutech has been a joy. They have been extremely friendly, provided great expertise, and hired our students. I can’t imagine what more I could ask for from this perfect partnership. Here’s to many more years of collaboration.”

Accutech’s President, Adam Unger reinforced Dr. Ergin’s sentiments by stating, “I appreciate the focus that President Mearns has placed on our community and collaborating with Dr. Ergin on these projects has epitomized what a win-win looks like for two organizations working together.”