Show your Cardinal pride on the highways and the byways—and support the Legacy Scholarship Program at the same time. A Ball State license plate is a fun way to express your school spirit. But even better: $25 of your $40 special plate fee supports the Legacy Scholarship program

A Thousand Scholarships and Growing

Since 1983, more than 1,000 Ball State students have received financial awards through the Alumni Association. The Legacy Scholarship program is a result of Ball State license plate sales, allowing alumni and friends to support deserving students and display their Cardinal Pride on Indiana highways and roads.

Is It Time to Renew Your License Plates?

To order or renew your state-sponsored Ball State license plate, you must check the “share” box on the BMV form. We'll only know of your gift if you mark to allow the BMV to share your contact information with us. Once we are notified, we'll acknowledge your $25 gift with a receipt and thank you letter.

To order or renew your Ball State license plate, visit your local Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) branch, go to mybmv or call 888-692-6841.