July 22, 2023

Ball State University honored more than 1,100 graduates on Saturday at its Summer Commencement ceremony for the Class of 2023.

The program was held at Worthen Arena on Ball State’s beautiful campus.

As part of a time-honored tradition, Ball State selected an outstanding faculty member to address its Summer graduates. On Saturday, David L. Largent, senior lecturer of Computer Science at Ball State’s College of Sciences and Humanities, delivered his speech, “Find Your Calling, or at Least Let it Find You.”

Mr. Largent earned his master’s degree in Computer Science at Ball State in 2010. He has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Science since 2010, and has implemented many innovative instructional approaches at Ball State—including Immersive Learning projects; the addition of diversity, equity, and inclusivity components; and learner-centered teaching. Mr. Largent has created five new courses, including a three-week international field study in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

He serves on the College of Sciences and Humanities’ Inclusive Excellence Committee, and the Honors College Dean’s Advisory Committee. Additionally, he is a mentor in the Disability Services Faculty Mentor program.

Mr. Largent told the graduates in attendance on Saturday that when things don’t go the way they expect or want, they should push forward and believe in themselves—and have the courage to change directions if necessary.

“Set a course for yourself on old and new roads and life will take you to places untold,” Mr. Largent said, using a rhyming style akin to Dr. Seuss’ writings. “Watch for the lining of silver in clouds. And opportunities, don’t miss because you’re too proud. Never forget to be dexterous and clever because Cardinals fly in every endeavor. Be humble and supportive of those around you, and find your calling—or at least, let it find you. Cardinals, it’s time to fly.”

Ball State President Geoffrey S. Mearns commended Mr. Largent’s service to the University in line with its enduring values.

“Mr. Largent’s leadership as an educator, combined with his great passion for research and immersive learning, have had a significant positive and transformative impact on our students,” President Mearns said.

President Mearns then delivered his own words of advice to the Summer graduates, encouraging them to pursue fulfillment over success, and a life of meaning.

“Life is a gift—life is a precious gift. And to lead a meaningful life, you should share that gift with people who need you.”