Topics: President, Alumni

September 29, 2021

Ashley Ford and President Mearns Podcast Interview

Ball State University has launched a new monthly podcast, “Our Call to Beneficence,” hosted by President Geoffrey S. Mearns.

The podcast features conversations with graduates and friends of Ball State who embody the spirit of Beneficence—as represented by the campus statue that is the icon of the University—through their professional success and personal service.

“One of the best parts of my job is that, virtually every day, I get to meet people who are doing wonderful things with their careers and their lives. And I realized that I wanted to share these stories with a wider audience,” President Mearns said. “I hope that our listeners come away feeling entertained, informed, and inspired by these conversations.”

President Mearns explained that the statue of Beneficence, which was dedicated in 1937, serves as a recognizable campus landmark, and as a tangible symbol of the University’s enduring values: excellence, innovation, courage, integrity, inclusiveness, social responsibility, and gratitude.

“Beneficence also means the quality of doing good through service and philanthropy,” President Mearns said. “And so, in every episode of the podcast, I want to hear from my guests what Beneficence—what doing good for others—looks like for them as they go about pursuing fulfilling careers and meaningful lives.”

President Mearns has already recorded three episodes of “Our Call to Beneficence.” The episodes feature graduates including Vince Bertram, CEO of the educational non-profit, Project Lead the Way; sports journalist Don Yaeger; and, most recently, debut author Ashley C. Ford.

All of the episodes are available online and by subscribing to all streaming platforms.