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April 27, 2021

Burris Laboratory School

U.S. News & World Report recognized Burris Laboratory School as the ninth-best high school in the state of Indiana in its annual Best High Schools Ranking, which was released Tuesday morning.

Burris was founded in 1929 by Teachers College; it is now operated and managed by Ball State as a laboratory school for the University.

“This is an honor for our faculty and staff and our students at Burris,” said Dr. Anand Marri, Ball State University Teachers College Dean. “This ranking highlights the level of education we are providing to Burris students and that we instill in our Ball State students who are training to have fulfilling careers and meaningful lives as future educators.”

Burris is No. 723 out of 17,857 schools ranked nationally by U.S. News & World Report.

Burris’ top 10 state ranking is rooted by strong rankings in some specific areas. Burris ranks No. 9 in Indiana in math and reading proficiency, No. 11 in college readiness and No. 13 in math and reading performance.

“We have a very committed and dedicated faculty who work to ensure that our students have stellar opportunities to learn and grow,” said Dawn Miller, Principal at Burris. “We are very proud of the efforts of our students and of our partnerships with our families. We work together, and we are very happy with our success.”

Miller notes she is especially proud of Burris’ willingness to allow any student who is interested to enroll in Advance Placement (AP) classes. U.S. News & World Report notes in its ranking report that AP participation at Burris is 70 percent.

In total, Miller said there is not a specific initiative or effort that placed Burris in a top 10 ranking this year. Instead, she says, there is a consistent mindset for everyone at the school.

“We pursue excellence,” Miller said. “That’s a phrase we use. We want course offerings for students that help them get career and college ready. It’s a culture and a mindset at Burris.”