April 4, 2019

The Ball State University debate team became the first college to win all three team championship divisions at the National Education Debate Association tournament in NEDA’s 24-year history.

The Ball State debate team hosted the tournament on March 15-16 as a component of the Centennial Celebration, said Mike Bauer, director of debate and associate lecturer of communication studies.

“This is one the hardest-working teams we have had at Ball State in my 28 years as coach here,” Bauer said. “This group of students has put in extra time and effort in practice, and it is very satisfying to see that work paid off with the team’s success. There is a direct relationship between the numerous hours of preparation and the team’s outstanding performance at the national tournament. The ability of these students to balance debate with academics, other activities, and work is extraordinary.

“Ball State’s debate team empowers students by providing skills that make them successful public advocates. Debate develops and stimulates student’s critical thinking and critical listening skills, and it builds confidence and self-esteem in all our students.”

Additionally, three student debaters from Ball State — Jase Brown, Sara Maier, and Isaac Mitchell — were named NEDA All Americans. Dallis Pike, assistant director of debate. was presented with the NEDA President’s Award for Service.

By Emily Gralak