Campus Dining

Roll the leftover credit into a student’s Dining Plus account if the cost of a meal is less than a meal swipe allowance.

Students are allotted a certain amount of money for every meal transaction in campus dining facilities. If students do not use the entire allotment of money, the difference is not given back to students. This proposal suggests the leftover money be moved into a student’s Dining Plus account.

Campus Dining

Evaluate the restrictions placed on how and when students use dining funds.

This proposal suggests taking a closer look at when students are allowed to use their meal allowances throughout the day. This may include extending or eliminating meal times, or using more than one meal swipe in a time slot.

Campus Dining

Improve the availability and value of healthy food options across campus.

This proposal seeks to increase the availability of healthy food options at all dining facilities, make those healthy food options more affordable, increase the variety of vegetarian/vegan options, and make sure every dining station can serve a well-balanced food option.


Evaluate the flexibility of parking currently available to students on campus.

This proposal will examine parking options for student on campus and weigh the needs with the availability, keeping in mind the number of spaces, the location of those spaces, and the hours parking spaces are available.


Improve student amenities (quiet study areas, water bottle stations, food options, hours) in academic buildings.

Students spend so much of their time in campus buildings that special attention needs to be given to non-classroom amenities available in every academic building.

This proposal will examine what types of amenities currently exist and what types of amenities are needed.

Campus Safety

Evaluate the feasibility of bike lanes throughout campus.

This proposal will increase campus safety by examining the feasibility of adding bike lanes to certain areas of campus. The intent is to make walking on campus safer and bicycling on campus more efficient.

Dining Facilities

Broaden dining options on campus, including more dining facilities and more nationally recognized brands.

This proposal will examine the feasibility of adding additional dining facilities on campus, improving the dining experience at existing facilities, and adding more nationally recognized food brands to the dining options.

Campus Aesthetic

Encourage the creation of more student-friendly green space with vegetation, art installations, study areas, etc.

This proposal will examine adding more vegetation to existing green space, creating outdoor art installations, building more student-friendly outdoor study areas, and generally improving the outdoor aesthetic across campus.

Campus Sustainability

Consider a Ball State Farmer’s Market for fresh vegetables and farm-to-table options.

This proposal will seek to establish partnerships with local farms and food providers to create a Ball State Farmer’s Market and create more opportunity for farm-to-table dining.

Registering for Classes

Assess the practice of priority registration.

There are policies in place that give certain classifications of students’ priority registration, allowing them to register for classes before other groups of the student population.

This proposal will examine those registration policies in an effort to provide equality for the entire student population.

Registering for Classes

Improve the registration process so it is faster and easier to use.

This proposal will examine each step required to register for classes and look to improve the overall process, reduce the complexity of registering, make sure that each step is clear, and provide more information about each class during the registration process.

Campus Living

Consider issues of gender equality in residence halls.

This proposal will examine gender equality in the residence halls, including visitation policies, restrooms, and issues of gender identity.

Wireless Services

Increase Wi-Fi coverage and strength across campus, including residence halls and outdoor spaces.

This proposal will seek to map out areas on campus that are not covered by a strong Wi-Fi signal, including buildings and outdoor spaces.


The “Application to Graduate” fee should be eliminated.

A Graduate Application Fee of $25 is assessed to students every time they apply to graduate.

This proposal will seek to understand the needs and use of this money, and seek to eliminate the fee.

Accessibility Physical

Add audible announcements to shuttle buses announcing stops and bus “line” information.

This proposal will seek to increase accessibility on the shuttle system, including audible announcements to riders announcing each shuttle bus stop and indicating which “line” (Red, Green, Blue) the bus is following.

Campus Safety

Examine campus shuttle bus routes, including the frequency of the Blue Loop and adding stops at more campus locations.

As the Ball State campus expands the current shuttle bus routes may not be as effective. This proposal will examine the current shuttle bus routes (including the Blue Loop) to assess their effectiveness and take a closer look at how additional stops or routes around campus could benefit students.


Increase the minimum wage for student jobs on campus.

This proposal seeks to raise the minimum wage for all student jobs on campus to an amount above the federal requirement of $7.25.

Campus Safety

Increase the number of gender-neutral restrooms in all buildings across campus.

Ball State has started adding more gender-neutral restrooms across campus.

This proposal will take a closer look at the work that has been done and make recommendations on how to improve this effort in every building on campus.

The Library

Reexamine the library’s hours to better reflect student use and need, including 24hour operations during peak times. Peak times during the semester like during midterms or finals week the library may better serve students by expanding operation times.

This proposal will look at peak library use, staffing, and student needs to explore how to open up Library resources more during peak times.