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August 9, 2007

Two new espresso machines have been installed on campus, and the tasty offerings ranging from cappuccinos to creamice are enough to make Homer Simpson drool even without a doughnut close by.

Since Aug. 13, espresso and blended frozen drinks have been available at the Bookmark Cafe, which is a great place to take a break while at Bracken Library.

"We are prepared to make all of your favorites like cappuccino and lattes," said Lucas Miller, manager of menu development and Ball State's test kitchen. "In addition, we will also serve creamice to help beat the heat."

Creamice is a blended frozen drink similar to frappuccino, Miller explained. It will come in four flavors: latte, mocha, raspberry and mango.

Bookmark still has its grab and go options, which include bottled beverages, Seattle's Best brewed coffee and food.

Meanwhile at the renovated Woodworth Commons, Starbucks coffee, espresso and blended frozen drinks became available when the facility opened Aug. 15.

"We have a beautiful bright red espresso machine handmade in Italy by the company LaMarzocco," Miller said. "It can make everyone's favorite Starbucks drinks."

Like the Bookmark Cafe, Woodworth also has frozen and blended creamices in the same four flavors.

The area features grab and go items available alongside the pastry and breakfast items in the Patisserie area of Woodworth.