Topic: Miller College of Business

January 18, 2007

Matt Duncan, Jason Kaleta, Jennifer Langford and Philip Lash won the Creativity + Innovation Award for the month of January for their group research project assessing the satisfaction and effectiveness of Ball State's Web services.

The team researched and analyzed Ball State's Web site, intranets, wireless connections and Web security in comparison with those at Indiana University-Bloomington and Ivy Tech Community College.

"The team developed a rigorous research plan and wrote a professional proposal for conducting research," said Jensen Zhao, a professor with the Miller College of Business. "Upon approval of the proposal, the team worked enthusiastically and innovatively and completed its research report."

Based on their analysis, the team - all students in Zhao's information systems and operations class - suggested five recommendations for Ball State Web administrators to consider.

The faculty judges noted that the rigor and ambitiousness of the undergraduate project was similar to the caliber of work graduate-level students perform.

"I believe this immersive learning project will not only help Ball State improve its Web services but also serve future students as a good example of immersive learning and research activities in a real-world environment," Zhao said.   

Duncan, a senior from Churubusco, is majoring in computer science. For the project, he created the survey and analyzed results.

Kaleta, a senior from Columbus, gathered Web security information for the project. He is majoring in information systems and expects to graduate in May.

Langford, a senior from Fishers majoring in information systems, created the survey and analyzed results. After graduation she plans to pursue a master's degree in computer information and sciences.

Lash, a senior from Hudson City, served as research coordinator and data analyst for the project. He is majoring in information systems and operations management and expects to graduate in May.

The Creativity + Innovation awards spotlight creative achievements and outstanding projects of undergraduate students in good academic standing.

"These are the kinds of works that a professor might encourage a student to enter into a contest, submit to an academic journal or conference, or hold up to their own peers as examples of the great creative or innovative work that is done at Ball State," said Nancy Prater, university Web coordinator.

Nomination forms can be submitted by anyone involved in the project, including faculty and staff members. New winners are selected each month by a panel of faculty judges and selected projects are featured on the Web site

By Chantel Arsenault