Topic: Administrative

January 26, 2007

Ball State President Jo Ann M. Gora outlined key features of the university's budget request to members of the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee on Jan. 25.

The centerpiece of the proposal is expanding Ball State's immersive learning offerings, which allow small groups of students under the direction of a faculty member to work with an organization or community to produce a tangible product, such as an economic development plan, book or DVD. Students take an active yet collaborative role in problem solving related to a project, actually driving the learning process.

The request includes more than $146 million in operating funds for 2007-08 and $153 million in 2008-09. The budget request's priorities include increases for salaries, supplies and expenses, said Tom Morrison, associate vice president for human resources and state relations.

In addition, the proposal includes $9 million for two quality improvement initiatives designed to expand immersive learning opportunities for students and research efforts by faculty. Of the $9 million, $5 million is for "Education Redefined: The Entrepreneurial University," an initiative to build on and enhance the university's existing platform of:

  • increasing admission standards
  • incorporating pervasive and cutting-edge technology into teaching and research
  • expanding immersive learning offerings

The remaining $4 million would create a microimaging facility to address the critical needs of applied research efforts at Ball State. The microimaging research initiative will:

  • improve and expand the university's collaborative science efforts
  • advance heath-related sciences
  • benefit Indiana's economy
  • provide immersive learning opportunities in the areas of nanotechnology, medical education and biotechnology, biology, chemistry, biomechanics and human performance

In addition, the university's comprehensive legislative request includes a $30 million capital improvement request to renovate Teachers College, North Quad and the Applied Technology building.