Counseling Center staff members believe that it is important to offer programs where students, faculty and staff work and live. Our workshops and seminars are conducted at the Counseling Center and at other sites. Examples of current outreach topics include: body image and eating disorders prevention, sexual assault prevention, stress management and resiliency, relationship issues, substance abuse, diversity training, suicide prevention and trauma.

If you are interested in requesting a program from our menu of programs listed in the Outreach and Special Programs Guide for your class or organization, please complete the Outreach Request Form for Presentations Requested from the Outreach and Special Programs Guide at least three weeks from the date you wish to have the program.  We will make every attempt to accommodate your request.

If you would like to have us serve in a consultation role, develop a new program or help facilitate a program you are delivering, please complete the Outreach Request Form for Counseling Center Staff Person to be a Consultant for a Presentation.  We request that you complete this form at least one month in advance to give us time to help develop this program.

Faculty, staff, parents, spouses or friends are often concerned about a student. Professional counselors can help these people make arrangements for a student to get counseling or refer the student to appropriate resources.

Links to additional resources

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Outreach Program Evaluation

Workshop Video
       Associated Handouts
Building Positive Emotions
  1. Adult Pleasant Events Schedule
  2. Steps for Increasing Positive Emotions
  3. Strengthening Social Support

Combating Self-Criticism

  1. Changing Your Critical Self
  2. Letting Go of Emotional Suffering
  3. Non-Judgment
  4. STOP

Healthy Boundaries

  1. Fair Fighting Rules
  2. I Statements
  3. Tips for Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Coping

  1. Healthy Unhealthy Coping Strategies
  2. Self Care Assessment
  3. Sleep Hygiene

Managing Anxiety & Depression

  1. Behavioral Activation
  2. Habit Tracker
  3. Mood Tracker
  4. What is Anxiety
  5. What is Depression

Mind Traps

  1. ABC Model of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  2. Challenging Automatic Thoughts
  3. Cognitive Model
  4. Common Mind Traps


  1. Mindfulness Apps
  2. Mindfulness Skills
  3. Radical Acceptance
  4. Types of Breathing
  5. Wise Mind


  1. Adjusting the Rules
  2. Low Self-Esteem - How it Begins
  3. My Strengths and Qualities
  4. Self-Esteem Check-up