To access SIGI 3:

  1. Click the SIGI 3 button in the right-hand navigation or login at MY.BSU.EDU and select the SIGI 3 link from the "Additional Tools" section.
  2. If this is the first time you've used SIGI, click on "I want to create a New SIGI 3 ID"
  3. Create a user name and password in the SIGI 3 application. Then, answer all of the questions with asterisks (*). 
  4. The next time you want to use SIGI 3, log back in via MY.BSU.EDU, select SIGI 3 from the "Additional Tools" section, and simply enter your SIGI 3 user ID and password.

SIGI 3 has 5 sections:

    • Introduction provides tips on navigating SIGI 3. 
    • My SIGI Plan can help you decide where to begin. 
    •  Quick Ref provides a brief overview of each of the categories (Assessment, Occupational Information, Analysis, and Getting There).
    • Evaluate your interests, values, and activities (that you prefer in work). 
    • Search occupations based on majors, title, and factors (such as values, activities, level of education, things you want to avoid in work, and field.)
      • Find out why an occupation was not on your list. 
    •  Compare two or eight occupations. 
    •  Helps you decide on an occupation 
    • Very helpful if you have already chosen a few occupations of interest in the last section! 
    •  Lets you compare the skills required in an occupation with your skills 
    • Helps you prepare for entry into the world of work. Lets you look at common issues like time, money, caring for others, location, and other common worries. 
    • Helps you set goals and create a plan for reaching your career goal. For example, you can look at building contact network, developing new skills, writing job search correspondence, and coping with other potential difficulties.