Start: September 17, 2024 10 a.m.
End: September 18, 2024 12 p.m.

Join us for the 2024 Student Success Summit on Sept. 17-18 at Emens Auditorium and the Student Center. This free event is an opportunity for campus partners to come together and discuss strategies to foster student success and well-being.

Helping students achieve academic success in today’s technologically advance world requires an understanding and utilization of new and different tools, techniques, and technologies. As we struggle to stay up to date with new and exciting innovations, we must also consider how these new innovations impact curriculum and pedagogical strategies. Thus, this year’s summit will focus on the tools, techniques, and technologies we leverage to support student success.

During the summit, you can expect to learn more about how colleagues are using innovative tools, techniques, and technologies that have led to curricular innovations, pedagogical enhancements, and engaged learning resulting in greater student outcomes.

By the end of the summit, participants will be able to:

  1. Discover innovative approaches to creating effective curricular and co-curricular designs that leverage tools, techniques, and technologies that connect with students’ unique strengths and interests.
  2. Be able to identify and implement at least one new strategy to facilitate student success.
  3. Have ideas about how to lead from where they are to help address systemic and structural barriers to student success and equity.
  4. Have a broader understanding of Ball State University’s student success efforts.