Start: August 27, 2024 2 p.m.
End: August 27, 2024 3:30 p.m.
Location: E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center
No charge, reservations required
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Diane Watters


Roy Weaver and Shawn Sriver, co-authors of “Running Against the Grain: The Story of Philadelphia Eagle and Movie Star Timmy Brown,” will detail the story of Timmy Brown who went from being a child of divorce to living at an orphanage in rural Indiana to a sports success at Ball State. In the 1960s, he played pro football at Green Bay and in Philadelphia. More than 50 years after he left the Eagles, he still held four team records. He ended his career as a Baltimore Colt in Super Bowl Ill. 

Timmy also aspired to have equal success on stage, as a singer and actor. His recordings and live appearances scored in the Philadelphia area, and his acting career led him to roles in two of the most acclaimed movies of the 1970s. 


Roy Weaver, Former Dean, Teachers College, and Shawn Sriver, Entertainment Historian, and Accreditation and Assessment Coordinator, Teachers College, Ball State University