Journalism Workshops: A 60 year legacy

Nearly 1,000 high school students and journalism education advisers from 36 states participated in the 2020 Summer Journalism Workshops filling more than 7,000 seats across all sessions. While COVID-19 kept the workshops from campus, the work carried on. More than 30 instructors developed 36 courses covering topics such as writing and reporting about controversial topics, to feature writing, politics, photography and how to use social media effectively. Ball State University’s workshops started in 1966 and each summer since has hosted thousands of students from all over the country who take back skills to their home schools to improve their storytelling and staff management. It’s where many of our students get their first experience with a Ball State University journalism education. We work to provide a compelling, unique interaction while you’re with us. After all, it’s what brings so many back to campus and to the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication when it’s time make a college choice.

Match Point: A documentary of United States National Men’s volleyball team

Dr. Jennifer Palilonis, a George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor in the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication, and Director of the Center for Emerging Media Design & Development, and Dr. Adam Kuban, an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication and Ball Brothers Foundation Honors College Faculty Fellow led undergraduate and graduate students on a unique, multiyear-long project examining men’s volleyball. Students contributed to Match Point, a documentary and related transmedia campaign. The “Match Point” campaign features a website, social media presence, blog, podcast, and a volleyball gaming app. These channels of communication give access to the sport of boys’ and men’s volleyball like never before. Original content through these channels gives sports fans access to interviews with the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team, unique volleyball stories, and insight into the dynamic and powerful nature of the game. The transmedia campaign won an Award of Excellence from the Broadcast Education Association, and as of early June 2020, it had generated over one-million impressions across social media throughout the United States.

McKinley Avenue steps up amid COVID-19

McKinley Avenue, the student-run strategic communications agency at Ball State University, jumped in to help small businesses get their message out during the COVID-19 pandemic. McKinley Avenue developed advertising messaging campaigns to reach campus and the Muncie community. The work, which was provided free of charge, was highlighted recently on the Inside Indiana Business website.

Juli Metzger teaches class 2020

Solutions Journalism Network explored 

The classroom experience in the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication goes beyond lecture and discussion boards. In Juli Metzger’s capstone Advanced Writing and Reporting class, students explore how to approach community issues through the lens of solutions journalism. In this Town and Gown report, students examined the relationship of the university with its community. Solutions Journalism is rigorous and compelling reporting on solutions to social problems,” according to the Solutions Journalism Network. “In this work, my goal for students was to see their work as journalists doesn’t stop with presenting a problem; the work regarding the solution to the problem is where the most meaningful work is.”

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