Why study foreign languages? At a practical level, most of the people in the world do not speak English as a native language. One of the main reasons for Americans to study foreign languages is to gain a better knowledge of the multicultural modern world in which we live.

Another important reason is enhanced job prospects. Almost every industry today is diversifying linguistically. For example, Packaged Facts forecasts that by 2015, the buying power of the Latino population will reach $1.3 trillion. Being bilingual in English and Spanish, or English and another language, is one of the greatest assets anyone can have for the current and future job market.

Ball State offers more than 300 exchange and study abroad program options in 65 different countries including France, Germany, Japan, and Mexico. Students can also be involved in language clubs and two national foreign language honoraries.

Students majoring in the teaching of modern languages and classics are required to participate in a language study program, either during the summer or academic year, in a country where their respective language is spoken.

Our department is home to more than 30 full time faculty members and graduate assistants. Faculty members are engaged in active research in addition to teaching full course loads. Language classes are kept small to enable students to practice speaking as well as writing, reading, and listening.

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