Undergraduate Studies

Our program allows students to choose from among three different tracks when they decide they want to study history.  Additionally, we offer two minors in history, a general history minor and  an interdepartmental minor in ancient studies.

  • Option 1 is the general history program. Students have the opportunity to explore history all over the world and will be required to complete a Senior Research Project. This option also allows students the opportunity to complete their Bachelors Degree in three years through the Degree in 3 Program.  Whether students complete this program in three years or four years, they will all gain valuable skills that are required by employers in many different fields.
  • Option 2 focuses on providing students with real-world opportunities to practice their historical knowledge through a required internship. Our public history program has provided students with once in a lifetime opportunities to experience the application of history in a work environment.
  • Option 3 is designed for those who wish to teach social studies education. This track requires a broad understanding of several different academic disciplines. There are 27 credit hours required in history, and students can take an additional 7 credit hours to complete the requirements for a double major in history (Option 1) and social studies education (Option 3).

Graduate Studies

We also offer a Master of Arts in History program. Students can choose to complete a thesis, digital history project, or elect to take additional classes instead of completing a thesis or digital project. Our graduate students also have the opportunity to apply for one of our graduate assistantships.