More Information

For more information about the consortium, including goals, internship responsibilities, interns’ rights, appeals process, and more, please download the Internship Handbook (PDF) or contact Internship Director Janay Sander.

Ball State’s PhD in school psychology program has a partially affiliated doctoral level internship, the Ball State University School Psychology Doctoral Internship Consortium.

The consortium is comprised of several sites, including schools, neuropsychology practice, community medical centers, and private practice.

Download Handbook (PDF)

Internship Activities

Quick Facts

  • Anticipated Positions: 3
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 1
  • psychological assessments
  • educational assessments
  • client consultation
  • behavioral and emotional interventions
  • diagnosis and treatment of mental health concerns
  • neuropsychological assessments
  • administration consultation
  • participation in research and development of programs in a mental health area

Internship Highlights


Hours Required

Interns in the consortium program must complete the following

  • 2,000 total hours of professional activities—either full-time for 12 months or part-time for 24 months
  • 500 hours of direct client contact (25 percent of total professional hours)

Supervision and Training

Interns have a minimum of at least two supervisors who are licensed as Health Service Providers in Psychology (HSPP).

Interns will also participate in the following:

  • two hours of individual supervision each week
  • two hours of group supervision each week
  • two hours of didactic training
  • two formal evaluations each year


$20,000 - $24,000

Participating Sites

Become an Internship Site

If a site is interested in joining the consortium, please contact the director, who will discuss requirements and likely arrange for a site visit. Sites must agree to the tenets of specified in the handbook.

Apply for an Internship


Only doctoral students from American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited programs may apply. School psychology students are preferred, but the consortium will consider students from other APA-accredited clinical and counseling programs.

How to Apply

The following materials are required:

  • essays
  • hours log
  • updated curriculum vitae (CV)
  • cover letter
  • verification of readiness for internship by the Director of Clinical Training

APPI formatted materials are preferred. All applicant materials should be submitted by email to the internship director, Dr. Janay Sander ( Letters of recommendation should be based on the standard reference form used by APPIC and should be sent by email to Dr. Sander from the individual writing the letter.

Applicants should indicate which of the consortium sites they prefer, and may include multiple sites. Also, discuss individual career goals and how the internship would help fulfill those goals.

The internship director will review materials and submit them to the internship sites.

Applicants will either receive an invitation to interview with the internship director and consortium site. Otherwise, applicants will receive a letter denying an interview.

Key Dates


Application Deadline
December 1


Interview Invitations Notification
by the 3rd Friday in December


Interviews Conducted
December and January, to be arranged with each site and applicant