Our department is focused on educating our students – at the undergraduate level as well as the graduate level.  We rank great classroom learning as a top priority, and our faculty strive to give all students a great learning experience.  Our professors incorporate real-world examples and industry best practices into our classes, so that students experience the utility and importance of each subject that they are learning.  Core concepts and competencies are included in the four-year undergraduate course sequence, so that a solid understanding of computer science is obtained by all students, in all concentrations. Our curriculum is aligned to the recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), with input from industry experts.  Our graduate program emphasizes applied knowledge gained through hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to build a solid understanding of the broad computer science field and building knowledge and skills in a chosen area.

Students have the opportunity to engage in Computer Science research. Our faculty invite students to join in their research, and these collaborations have produced many published research papers with students as lead authors and co-authors.  Examples of current research projects include: 

  • working to develop a thoroughly tested and secure software framework for public water supplies
  • collaborating on serious game design with local community partners
  • developing assurances regarding secure voting systems
  • asking questions about what the next generation of programming languages will (or should) look like
  • using data mining and machine learning techniques to solve complex problems such as detecting traffic anomalies in networks
  • developing methods to prevent DDoS attacks on internet servers
  • examining the security of automotive networks and detecting cyber-attacks on passenger vehicles
  • creating computational models of radioactive decay and mining the data for aberrant behavior

Our Faculty

Our distinguished, award-winning faculty serve on program committees, publish books and articles, and serve as fellows and chairs of various organizations.

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Many of the department faculty and staff recorded a short video welcoming you to computer science.  Click the link and have a watch; we hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to seeing you.

Greetings from Computer Science

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