Gary Dodson
Gary Dodson
Professor Emeritus of Biology


Ph.D., Biology, University of New Mexico, 1985
M.Sc., Entomology, University of Florida, 1978
B.S., Zoology, University of Tennessee, with Honors, 1976


Ball State University Department of Biology 1990-2017.

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Dodson was awarded 41 external and internal research grants from funding agencies including:

  • National Science Foundation
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • National Geographic Society
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Indiana Academy of Science

Dr. Dodson presented 98 invited talks, research posters and seminars in 5 countries and 22 U.S. states. 

Research Interests

Dr. Dodson’s primary research area of interest has been the field of behavioral ecology with a focus on animal mating systems. In retirement he continues to serve the department as the Curator of the Insect Collection and enjoys answering questions regarding insect identification and biology from the public at large. 


Dr. Dodson authored on 41 peer-reviewed papers, including four book chapters. Representative publications are listed below.

2014  Anderson, A. and Dodson, G. N.  Colour change ability and its effect on prey capture success in female Misumenoides formosipes crab spiders. Ecological Entomology (In press).

2013 Dodson, G. N., Lang, P. L., Jones, R. N., and Verspille, A. N. Specificity of attraction to floral chemistry in Misumenoides formosipes crab spiders. Journal of Arachnology 41:36-42.

2012 Dodson, G. N. and Murphy, C. Zoo and aquarium webcams: an informed view. Zoo Biology 31: 414 - 425.

2010 Stellwag, L. and Dodson, G.N. Navigation by male crab spiders Mlsumenoides formosipes (Araneae: thomisidae): floral cues may aid inlocating potential mates. Journal of Insect Behavior 23:226-335.

2008 Alcock, J. and Dodson, G.N. The diverse mating systems of hilltopping insects. American Entomologist 54(2) Summer: 80-87.

2007 Schutze, M., Yeates, D. K., Graham, G. C., and Dodson, G. Phylogenetic relationships of antlered flies, Phytalmia Gerstaecker (Diptera: Tephritidae): the evolution of antler shape and mating behaviour. Australian Journal of Entomology  46:281-293. 

2005 Dodson, G. N. A test of fluctuating asymmetry as a bioindicator of stress in antlered flies. Pacific Conservation Biology 11: 121-135.

2000 Dodson, G. N. Behavior of the Phytalmiinae and the evolution of antlers in tephritid flies. Pp. 175-184 In: Fruit flies (Tephritidae): Phylogeny and Evolution of Behavior. Aluja, M. & A. Norrbom (eds.). CRC Press

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Animal Behaviour 46: 951 959.

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