The Writing Center team aspires to uphold these tenets in our work:

We support writing in the Ball State community in its many forms and by all its members. We offer individualized feedback, workshops, class presentations, online resources, writing communities, and other approaches to support and enrich local writing.

We believe that all who write need feedback to improve. We give response, praise, criticism, and suggestions to writers so they can improve their projects.

We help writers see the rhetorical dimensions of their texts: how their writing will be received by a particular audience, in a particular context, in a particular genre and medium.

We let the writers make all decisions about their papers. We ask questions and we offer suggestions and choices. We remember that there is rarely one right way to do things in writing.

We understand that getting writing feedback can make people feel vulnerable. We honor the trust that writers place in us and in the process by being welcoming, kind, thorough, and engaged.

We make the Writing Center a site for equality - and thus a site for fair, just, and democratic education - in our everyday actions and choices. We pay attention to issues of gender, race, sexuality, class, cultural, religious, political, and linguistic diversity in our own practice and share experiences, thoughts, questions, scholarship, and theories with others.

We consider whole “texts.” Writing is no longer only words on a page; it often includes images, sounds, charts, design elements, animation, and so forth. Our feedback to writers should be comprehensive.

We rely on one another to make us better. We bring struggles and successes to the team. We pay attention to ways we might do our work better. We ask one another for help, and we follow through on tasks we take on.