Our mission at the FIHW is to make significant contributions to knowledge development and its application in enhancing the lives of individuals and of the institutions and communities in which they live and work. This will be accomplished by conducting high-quality research in the science of Health and Well-Being and working with various stake holders to provide support and assistance in developing solutions to existing challenges within the related communities. We believe a key factor in fulfilling our mission is to carry out interdisciplinary collaboration research with key faculty from various units across our university. An example of this research model is described in a recent article authored by a writing group which included Dr. Lenny Kaminsky, Director of the Fisher Institute. An article can be found at: http://www.mayoclinicproceedings.org/article/S0025-6196(15)00349-3/pdf

The Fisher Institute is leading a group of faculty within the College of Health and other departments across the University to help facilitate collaboration on community and research projects.This group currently has over 30 members that meet on a regular basis throughout the academic year to discuss current research topics and opportunities for developing new interdisciplinary projects. The Fisher Institute Research Affiliates have a wide range research interests and experience. We welcome you to contact us to discuss ways we can collaborate on research that will produce evidence-based findings which can be incorporated into community-based practice and policy.