To view an example of student's work click here

To view an example of student's work click here


The University Design Center is capable of completing project types for a variety of spaces including retail, hospitality, health care, educational, office design, and residential. Services we provide cover the initial consultation to the design development. Our devoted faculty and students understand that personal attention, along with clear and regular communication, will assure the success of a project. This process will help our clients see a variety of possibilities for the space and ultimately narrow them down to one concept to be passed to a professional designer to create the final documents for the construction and installation. 

Process of Design:

  1. Define the scope of the work based upon the client's needs
  2. Gather and analyze data from relevant users and from observation of workplace needs. This includes methods such as onsite inspections, stakeholder interviews, online surveys, focus groups...
  3. Present various design options to the client for feedback
  4. Revise solutions and develop additional documents and drawings for all aspects of the project including photo realistic 3-D to visually clarify the remodeled interior

To view Examples of Our Projects click here.

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