Effective January 1, 2023 the following fees and billing policies will apply


Clients of the Ball State Speech Pathology Clinic are expected to pay for speech and language evaluation and therapy services upon receipt of a bill. Payment for any balance is due in full before additional services will be provided in a subsequent semester. If a client does not have insurance coverage for services or products, and does not qualify for reduced fees through our Reduced Fees Application (PDF), fee ranges for services are outlined below. Our office is happy to provide you with a good-faith estimate of costs prior to receiving services.

  • Speech and Language diagnostic evaluations: $250–$300 per evaluation
  • Speech therapy: $80–$100 per therapy session


Based on your individual insurance, a referral for our services may be required. This referral must be on file with our office before any services can be provided. It is the patient’s responsibility to request this referral from their physician.


Primary and secondary insurance, where applicable, will be billed for services. Any co-insurance payments/deductibles will be the responsibility of the patient and due at the time of service.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Our Clinic is a participating provider organization (PPO) in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana. Services will be covered by BCBS based on diagnosis and local coverage determinations. Patients should confirm coverage for individual services by contacting BCBS.
  • Medicare - Our Clinic bills Medicare. Patients are responsible for payment of services designated as never covered by Medicare. Patients will also be responsible for any co-insurance or deductible.
  • Medicaid - Our clinic bills Medicaid. Patients are responsible for payment of services designated as never covered by Medicaid. Patients with Medicaid coverage through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), such as MDWise, CareSource, or Managed Health Services may require a prior authorization for services or products. If services or products do not meet prior authorization standards due to a classification as a non-covered service or product, the patient will be responsible for payment.

Private-Pay Patients

Patients who are uninsured, have an insurance provider not accepted by our Clinic, or whose insurance does not cover our services are classified as private-pay patients. All private-pay patients are responsible for payment at the time of service. Our office will provide you with an individualized good-faith-estimate of costs prior to receiving services. If a patient’s insurance has coverage for out-of-network services, our office can submit the claim and the patient will be responsible for any balance due after insurance payment. Additionally, we can provide an invoice to the patient and the patient can submit this invoice to their insurance for reimbursement.

Forms of Payment

We accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Checks can be made out to the Interprofessional Community Clinics.