Program Proposals Development and Approvals

Please contact the Director of Study Abroad to initiate discussion about proposal development and site visit support. We will guide you through the process of becoming a study abroad program faculty leader.

1. The faculty leader submits request for site development financial support to the Study Abroad Office (SAO).

Requests need to include:

  • narrative of proposed visit objectives
  • proposed itinerary
  • preliminary budget

2. The Study Abroad Office forwards the request to the Global Engagement Committee for a recommendation for funding. The recommendation will be sent to the Provost's Office for a funding decision.

3. The director of study abroad will notify the faculty leader of a financial support decision.

4. The faculty leader completes a site visit to collect proposal data using the “Program Site Visit Checklist.”

5. Upon return, the faculty leader will reconcile expenses related to site visit with their College's Budget Coordinator for reimbursement.

1. The faculty leader submits a complete program proposal to the director of study abroad. A complete program proposal includes:

  • proposal coversheet
  • narrative describing the program
  • preliminary budget
  • program itinerary
  • course syllabus from department chair
  • Master syllabus for all offered courses or previous approved syllabus for similar study abroad program
  • fall programs - Oct. 1 the year before departure
  • spring programs - March 1 the year before departure
  • summer programs - Oct. 1 the year before departure

2. The director will review the proposal to ensure all content is included and distribute to the Global Engagement Committee for academic peer review. The committee can either request revisions or clarifications, or provide preliminary approval.

3. After preliminary approval is received from RCIP, the faculty leader should begin student recruitment activities and work with the coordinator of field study budgets to create an official program budget and route it for signature. The faculty leader will receive the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Handbook, which provides more detailed information about program logistics, requirements, and arrangements. In addition, the director will provide for completion:

  • Program Emergency Contact Information Form

4. The Study Abroad Office will format proposal documents to develop a “notebook” for senior management approval. The notebook is submitted for signature to:

Rinker Center; Chair(s); Dean(s); Provost Office before returned to Study Abroad Office

1. Students begin submitting their applications online.

Student application deadlines:

  • fall programs – Oct. 1
  • spring programs – March 1
  • summer programs – March 1
2. The faculty leader liaises with a travel agent to make student flight arrangements if you wish to book a group flight.

The director of study abroad will contact the faculty leader to arrange a predeparture meeting to:

  • confirm that the program budget is complete and the program has sufficient enrollment
  • confirm all documents are submitted
  • confirm the final itinerary and emergency contact information (including a 24/7 contact)
  • confirm the faculty leader plans for a predeparture orientation with participants

1. Conduct a predeparture orientation for your participants.

2. Faculty leaders are responsible for keeping the Rinker Center apprised of any changes that occur after the predeparture meeting and before group departure. Any on-site changes or program concerns should be promptly reported to the director of study abroad.

3. The student group departs.