You can go at any time; however, most programs require that you have at least sophomore standing.

We want you to stay on campus long enough to feel a part of Ball State. But after that, you are free to explore the world.

And remember, you can study abroad more than once. Consider testing the waters early on with a short summer field study, then going back for a semesterlong or yearlong program.

Also, many overseas transcripts take one to two months to be returned to the U.S. As a result, it is unlikely you will be able to study abroad during your last undergraduate semester.

No. Although we have many programs in non-English speaking countries, most of our programs offer course work in English.

We offer a wide variety of programs, and some are more expensive than others. But when you add all costs, many are similar to the cost as a semester here at Ball State.

Keep in mind that we have several scholarships available for study abroad, and you can apply most other scholarships, grants, or loans you receive to the cost of the program.

If you are flexible about your program options and locations, we will work to find a program that fits your budget.

Every day we take risks, and no one can guarantee safety, but at Ball State, we make every effort to provide study abroad programs that are safe.

We keep abreast of Department of State travel advisories, remain in contact with site directors, and prepare students with orientation programs specific to their host country.

With a little planning, most students are able to stay on track.

Students can usually find courses in their major or minor overseas, allowing them to earn credits toward graduation while experiencing their discipline from a new perspective.

We also have programs that allow you to get credit for core classes.

For students who are locked into a rigid program, summer programs can be a good alternative to a semester away.

These programs are usually inexpensive and allow you to earn up to 6 credits.

Also, keep up to date on the programs offered within your department. Sometimes faculty members design special field studies for students within a particular major.

All academic credit must be approved by the Ball State department awarding the credit prior to your departure.

To find out how the credits would transfer, you will need to have your course descriptions or course syllabi reviewed by these departments.

We provide a Request for Study Abroad Credit sheet for you to secure signatures.