Middletown III was a replication of the 1924-1925 survey research done for the original Middletown study by Robert and Helen Lynd in Muncie, Indiana.  Middletown III included the Family Roles Survey (1977), the High School Survey (1977, 1989), the Community Survey (1978), the Government Services Survey (1978), the Kinship Survey (1978), the Neighborhood Survey (1978), the Religion Survey (1978), the Women's Occupational Survey (1978), and the Recreation Survey (1982). Middletown IV was a 1999 replication of two of the most important surveys that had been conducted in 1924 and 1977: the Community Survey and the High School Survey. 

Middletown III research formed the basis for Caplow et al., All Faithful People (1983) and Caplow et al., Middletown Families (1985), as well as numerous articles.  Middletown IV research is featured in Caplow, Hicks and Wattenberg, The First Measured Century (2000), its companion television program and website, and in numerous articles.

Principal Investigators on these projects were Theodore Caplow, University of Virginia; Howard Bahr, Brigham Young University; Bruce Chadwick, Brigham Young University; Vaughn R. A. Call, Brigham Young University; and Louis Hicks, St. Mary's College of Maryland.  Both projects were supported by the Center for Middletown Studies.

A link to the data can be found here.