The City of Muncie has experienced a major transition over the past several decades, shifting from a prosperous manufacturing community to one striving to redefine itself within an increasingly globalized, knowledge-driven world.  The manifestations of that change have been visible in a variety of ways, including population loss, high poverty rates, and a host of civic challenges.  The latest such development has been the consolidation of the city’s two high schools, a decision taken in early 2014 and now being implemented.  This change represents a particular blow to the city’s predominantly blue-collar south side, which will see its local high school closed.  Muncie Southside High School served as anchor for that part of the city, one that helped define a community.  Its closing represents a significant loss for local residents.   

The Muncie High School Consolidation Oral Histories project documents this experience.  It features interviews with community leaders and local citizens who share their perspectives on merger of the city’s two high schools.  Among the interviewees are all of the members of the Muncie Community Schools Board of Trustees at the time of the consolidation, the Superintendent of Schools, the Mayor, and a number of other local leaders.  It also includes interviews with a cross section of community members.  Videos and transcriptions of the interviews are found here.  Ball State University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections also holds additional archival materials related to the merger.  Details about that collection are here.