This laboratory is a multi-room facility that contains all the necessary equipment to perform a plethora of assays on human blood and muscle.  Examples include: refrigerated centrifuge (2) and micro-centrifuge (2), incubator, oven, pH meters, water baths, microtiter plate shaker, a Cahn 35 microbalance in a modified -45°C freezer for weighing muscle and tendon, general balances, Savant Speed-Vacs (2), autoclave (2), freeze-dryer, Instrument Labs blood gas analyzer, osmometer, flame photometer, spectrophotometer, fluorometer, microtome/cryostat, numerous manual and electric tissue homogenizers, a reagent-grade water system, a large assortment of western immunoblotting and electrophoresis equipment, and an Alpha Innotech imaging system.

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