The E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center’s mission is to provide stimulating intellectual opportunities to the community. These low- and no-cost programs, classes, seminars, and workshops, presented in an informal learning environment, serve as a symbol of the university’s commitment to public service and community outreach.

House History

Photo of E.B. Ball HouseThe Center, located in Minnetrista, has been a Muncie landmark since it was completed in 1907 by Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Ball.

For 50 years, Nebosham, as the house was originally named, was the family home of Mr. and Mrs. Ball and their children. After Mrs. Ball's death in 1957, the house remained unused until 1963, when it was leased to Ball State University.

In 1975, the Ball Brothers Foundation, which owned the home, gave the property to the Ball State University Foundation for use by Ball State University as a continuing education facility. The gift included major renovation by the Ball Brothers Foundation, and in 1977 the house, then rechristened the Minnetrista Center for Nontraditional Adult Studies, opened its doors as an academic building.

In 1986, the facility was renamed the E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center for University and Community Programs, and it is still serving the university and the public.

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