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In 2015 Ball State University under the leadership of former-President Paul Ferguson became a signatory to the Second Nature Climate Leadership Climate Commitment program.

Second Nature offers three commitments: the Carbon Commitment (previously known as the ACUPCC), the Resilience Commitment, and an individual, institutional Climate Commitment, which integrates carbon neutrality and climate resilience. Together the three commitments make up the Climate Leadership Commitments. Signatories of any of the three commitments, in turn, constitute the Climate Leadership Network.

Climate Leadership Network Map

See Ball State's institutional profile and reports for the Climate Leadership Network.

For more information on how the names came to be, read Second Nature President Tim Carter's recent blog, What's in a Name?

The Climate Leadership Commitments

Bold commitments by leaders in the higher education sector yield big changes at the institution that those leaders manage, in the sector at large, and beyond. These commitments require strong leadership, tangible outcomes, and the ability to track progress.

Higher Education presidents and chancellors can choose to sign either the Carbon or the Resilience Commitment, or the integrated Climate Commitment. An institution can transition to the Climate Commitment at any time

The Climate Commitment

Integrates a goal of carbon neutrality with climate resilience and provides a systems approach to mitigating and adapting to a changing climate. Designed to blend these two critical components of climate leadership.

The Carbon Commitment

Focused on reducing the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases to zero and mitigating campuses' contribution to climate change.

The Resilience Commitment

Focused on climate adaptation-specific goals, as well as building community capacity to deal with a constantly changing climate and resulting extremes.

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The Climate Commitment Process.

Climate Commitment Process

Ball State is a Magna Cum Laude member of the Climate Leadership Network Honor Society.

Ball State has participated in the development and testing of many of the recent initiatives of the Climate Leadership Network.