COB Exchange (College of Business Electronic Newsletter), Issue 3, November, 2001
Dr. John Vann, Department of Marketing
Green Initiatives Coordinator
November 2001

The College of Business has reason to celebrate some of its current actions that will reduce negative environmental impacts from our operations. 

The first is this newsletter itself.  Since it is distributed in electronic form only, there is a consequential savings in paper, electricity for printing, and toner as well as a reduction in wasted paper and toner cartridges. 

The second is the progress being made in our experimentation and gradual introduction of motion sensors for lighting control in offices and classrooms.  Sensors are currently in use in the Office of the Dean, the Marketing Department office and in the Marketing faculty offices.  These sensors have an adjustable time delay.  They will wait from 20 seconds to 20 minutes since the occupants last moved before turning off the lights.  They have the added benefit of turning on the lights when someone enters the space; great for those times when one opens the door and enters with their hands full.  The potential electricity savings from this implementation are great. 

The third is the purchase of a duplex printer to be shared by the Economics faculty.  This represents resource conservation in paper use (through duplex printing) and savings in materials and other associated impacts through sharing.

A fourth activity to celebrate is the use of recycled paper with 30% post-consumer content in some departmental copiers and printers.  This paper must be requested specifically when ordering from Central Stores.  The inventory number is 25-13400.

Finally, more faculty have programmed their computers to power down their monitors when the computer has not been used for a specified period of time. This is an easy way for faculty to collectively benefit the triple bottom line of sustainability.  Since these monitors draw about 90 Watts, the savings can be substantial. 

For some other tips on how to operate in a green manner, please see the web page: 
"Tips for a Greener Office"
hosted by The Alliance for Environmental Innovation (a project of Environmental Defense and The Pew 
Charitable Trusts).  Information about Alliance/business partnerships is described on the Alliance web page.