What We Do

The vision for the Center for Organizational Resilience (Core) is to be a high visibility Center for Ball State University. The goal of the Center is to bring together government, industry and academic stakeholders to advance the science and practice of organizational resilience and business continuity. The foci of CORe are in three areas: community engagement, research, and immersive learning with an emphasis on technologies that enhance resiliency. CORe is an interdisciplinary effort from experts that will explore innovations and technologies within the domain. To contact core: core@bsu.edu


Of interest to CORe researchers is the access to business and industry for further data sets regarding resiliency, continuity and disaster recovery. To accomplish this research goal, we propose the Resiliency Collective. The Collective will provide a socio-technical environment to research organizational resiliency and resiliency technologies.

Further research interests include First Responder organizations.  We are working with Delaware County and Henry County response agencies.  Our researchers study sleep deprivation and its impact on first responder capabilities.