Since approval of the center in March 1999, we have been fortunate to have several businesses invest in the future of our students.

Our corporate founders have served as an integral part of making the center run successfully. They have given us advice on how we can better prepare our students, and in return, we provide them with several talented students whom they can hire.

Our corporate founders are:

  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Standard Management Corporation Charitable Trust

In addition to our founders, our corporate partners provide financial support to the students and faculty for continued development of our actuarial science and risk management and insurance programs. They have also been influential in helping our students with assistance in scholarships and stipends.

Here is a list of our partners:

  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
  • State Farm Companies Foundation

State Farm and Nationwide also serve as our corporate sponsors. They have supported us financially and have given us resources such as bringing speakers to our classes.