Our producers are dedicated to developing instructional materials and appropriate technologies for a wide array of instructional challenges. We have six high definition studio cameras, two Sony PDW-HD 700 high definition cameras, two Ikegami(SD) DVCPro cameras, and two Sony NX5 cameras, which provide high quality broadcast video to any of our faculty, staff, or administration productions.

Remote Production: University Media Services has an experienced staff that can travel to in-state or out-of-state locations to shoot elements to enhance the educational experience of your project. To assist with larger remote location shoots, our 40 foot remote production truck allows Ball State University the ability to simulate a video production control room with multiple cameras and a wide array of other services that can be implemented from remote locations.
Studio Production: Two large studio areas house broadcast quality video cameras and the space to accommodate major productions.

Single or Multiple camera documentation of events: Lectures, guest speakers, interviews, B-roll, classroom lectures, and student presentations.