Ball Communication Building, Room 194, Phone: 285-5373
Borrowing Equipment is a Privilege!


Equipment use is restricted to University Related projects ONLY; it is not for personal endeavors.

All students given permission to checkout equipment/gear through UMS Equipment Checkout must follow the policies of University Media Services Equipment Checkout.

Currently, equipment checkout and return will be available 5 days a week during the operating hours of the checkout area.  These policies and procedures are subject to change and if they do, those changes will be communicated to you by your instructor.  Any changes to equipment checkout procedures may have an impact on this course and will be communicated to you by your instructor.

UMS Equipment Checkout asks that you remember to wear masks inside the checkout area (as required by the university).  The staff also requests that you do not crowd into the checkout area, instead you may be asked to, or you should take it upon yourself to wait outside in the Ball Communication Building lobby area until such a time as the number of people inside has decreased.  While social distancing is not required,UMS asks that you do not cram yourself into what is a small, crowded area.

If the equipment you have checked out comes into contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid or been in contact with someone who has tested positive, please contact UMS Equipment Checkout at 765-285-5373 for instructions on how to return the equipment. 

Note: we are adding time slots to our reservations for pickup and returning equipment.  They are every 10 minutes with 5 available pickup slots.  There will be no 8am pick-up/return time slots available. There will be no pick-up/return time slots available after 6:30 (M-TH) and after 4:30 (F).


A. Ball State Faculty, Professional Staff, and Staff (rules apply same as students).
B. Ball State Students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be enrolled during current semester.
  2. The professor/instructor must authorize the student for equipment checkout by sending an email to the Equipment Resource Coordinator @ using the UMS EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT PERMISSION AUTHORIZATION FORM.  (please send it in PDF file format only) No authorizations will be accepted without accurate and thorough completion of Permission Template.
    • Graduate Students must be authorized by the appropriate Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, or Administrative Coordinator in order for Graduate Student to authorize their students/classes for Equipment Checkout using Template on PAGE 3.  All authorizations subject to review.
    • Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and/or Administrative Coordinator may email the Graduate Student’s names and classes they will be instructing. PERMISSION AUTHORIZATION form is not required for this UNLESS said Graduate Student is in need of Equipment checkout access.
  3. A new Authorization form is required at the beginning of Fall, Spring, and 5-week Summer Session(s).
  4. Equipment in need of authorization must be available to the student/faculty member/professional staff person in order to be checked out.  Please note that certain equipment is specific to designated professors/courses for authorization purposes.  For questions concerning what equipment can be authorized by which faculty/instructor, please see the staff located in BC 194-R.


  • 24 hours (weekends =  a 24-hour period)
  • All equipment checked out over a weekend is due by Noon on Monday.
  • All equipment checked out Thursday is due at Noon Friday or earlier.  
  • Return times are subject to change.  

- Reservations can be made no further than one week in advance.  Note: we are adding time slots to our reservations.  They are every 10 minutes with 5 available pickup slots.  There will be no 8am pick-up/return time slots available. There will be no pick-up/return time slots available after 6:30 (M-TH) and after 4:30 (F).

  • You must have your Ball State ID card with you to reserve equipment
  • Reserving equipment for others IS NOT PERMITTED
  • Special Reservations: ONLY to be made by Professors/Instructors MUST be followed up by the student’s presence at the counter to confirm the reservation through the regular checkout process.  Failure of student showing up within 48 hours will result in a LOSS of the reservation.  Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) do not count as part of the 48 hours.
  • Students cannot reserve equipment until your Professor/Instructor has sent the authorization for equipment checkout and student’s name has been added to the system

 Note: we are adding time slots to our reservations.  They are every 10 minutes with 5 available pickup slots.   There will be no 8am pick-up/return time slots available. There will be no pick-up/return time slots available after 6:30 (M-TH) and after 4:30 (F).

  • Picking up equipment for other students IS NOT PERMITTED
  • You must have your Ball State ID card with you to reserve equipment
  • Before leaving make sure everything you need is accounted for and that all equipment is functioning properly.
  • We provide batteries for DSLR, PD-150/170, EX-3, and Nx5 camera only.  We cannot guarantee charged batteries.
  • You are financially responsible for any damages or equipment loss at the time of return. See Returning Equipment for more details.
  • Equipment malfunctions, damage, and loss will be your responsibility, even if not by your error.
  • Insurance is available below: 
Student Insurance


  • Equipment reservations will be canceled after 1 hour from your scheduled time for pick-up, unless you call in advance to change your pick-up time. Depends on availability.

LATE RETURN POLICY (Call in advance to change your return time to avoid late penalties---depending on availability)

  1. First time late, there is no penalty.
  2. Second time late, checkout privileges revoked for the remainder of the semester
  3. Students enrolled in a 5-week class are subject to a SEPARATE LATE return policy agreed upon by Equipment Resource Coordinator and Instructor.  In some cases, 1 LATE may result in total loss of privileges. 
  4. Equipment Resource Coordinator reverses judgment to suspend checkout privileges at their discretion due to a student’s misuse, abuse, neglect, or demonstration of irresponsible behavior.  A report will be provided to Faculty Member, Department Chair, or otherwise necessary individual in this event for their review.


RETURNING EQUIPMENT   Note: we are adding time slots to our reservations.  They are every 10 minutes with 5 available pickup slots.   There will be no 8am pick-up/return time slots available. There will be no pick-up/return time slots available after 6:30 (M-TH) and after 4:30 (F).

  • Wait while the lab assistant(s) checks the equipment
    1. Make sure you allow enough time. (large and/or complex orders take additional time)
    2. Wait your turn.
  • Every item that you checked out must be present. This includes the proper packing of all cables and accessories
  • Poorly wrapped cords will result in your waiting until they are properly wrapped.  We will cease providing cables upon 2 poor returns.
  • Report equipment failure upon return to the lab assistants
  • You will be held accountable for items missing or damaged due to neglect or misuse; you must return/replace item(s) before reserving or checking out any additional equipment.
  • After everything has been checked and approved, you must sign the equipment back in.
  • All files must be pulled off of media cards prior to return of equipment on customer's OWN time BEFORE scheduled return the cameras/recorders. You will NOT be able to retrieve files/footage once equipment has been returned. Cards and Card Readers are due at the time the Equipment is due.  Your Instructor will be notified if you fail to comply..
  • Do NOT leave equipment unattended anywhere.  This includes outside the area.  YOU must arrange the time and means to return the gear at your scheduled time during our posted hours of operation.  Failure to comply with this will result in the immediate loss of your equipment checkout privileges.


The USER is held liable to pay all costs for replacement/repair of equipment due to misuse, neglect, lost and/or stolen; you will not be permitted to check out equipment until financial restitution has been made.  You will not be responsible for normal wear and aging of equipment; and unreported damages will be investigated.

The equipment for checkout was purchased to enable faculty and students to enhance and further the academic experience. You are borrowing equipment that others wish to use as well.  Abuse of this privilege, by using the equipment improperly or by not returning it on time, will result in the suspension of your privilege to borrow equipment in the future.

"The Equipment Resource Coordinator (ERC) has responsibility for monitoring the level of usage of all equipment maintained within the University Media Services Storage Facility.  In some instances the ERC may determine specific equipment is not being utilized at an appropriate level.  Ample consideration will be given to extenuating circumstances when making such determinations. When equipment has been identified as potentially under utilized, the owner will be advised.  An attempt will be made to jointly explore measures to increase utilization of the equipment to an acceptable level while taking into account relevant factors such as necessary understanding of equipment, safety, and ‘terms of use’ guidelines.  In the event a solution is not reached the ERC will be responsible for final determination with respect to equipment remaining or being removed from the University Media Services Storage Facility. Once a determination has been made to remove equipment, it must be done by the owner within thirty (30) days.  If the owner does not retrieve equipment within the prescribed time the ERC will assume responsibility for equipment usage as he/she determines appropriate.  Equipment may still be retrieved by owner, but ONLY after existing reservations are completed in order to protect customers from undue repercussions."

Download Equipment Check-Out Policy (PDF)