What is the Tobacco-Free Policy?
Ball State’s Tobacco-Free Policy (PDF) restricts the use of tobacco products in all campus buildings and parking structures and on all campus grounds. Tobacco use is allowed in personal vehicles with windows rolled up and at designated tailgating areas during designated hours at home football games.

Why did the university make the decision to go tobacco-free?
The university is committed to providing a healthy learning and working environment for the entire community, and the new policy is consistent with the university’s wellness initiatives and the tobacco-free health insurance premium discount. Ball State is now aligned with nearly 1,200 smoke-free and 800 tobacco-free campuses across the nation.

When did the policy go into effect?
August 1, 2013. The Ball State University Board of Trustees voted to approve the measure during its July 2013 meeting.

What products fall under the policy?
All tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snus, hookahs (water pipes), pipes, and chew.

Why are e-cigarettes included in the policy?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the authority to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. FDA is concerned with the safety of e-cigarettes and whether they may lead to use of tobacco products. Learn more about e-cigarettes.

Whom does the Ball State Tobacco-Free Policy apply to?
Anyone on campus grounds, including all students, employees, alumni, and visitors.

Do students, employees, and visitors have to quit using tobacco products?
No. Ball State University is not asking anyone to quit. The policy simply means that no one can use tobacco products on university property and grounds.

How does the policy differ from Ball State’s Smoke-Free Policy?
The smoke-free policy, which was in effect from July 2008-July 2013, restricted smoking to designated outdoor campus areas. Other forms of tobacco were permitted. The new policy, which went into effect August 1, 2013, restricts tobacco use on all campus grounds and in all university buildings.

What will happen with the smoking areas?
The smoking areas are undergoing beautification. They will be restored to feature flowerbeds and grassy areas. All ashtrays will be removed from the sites.

May I use tobacco in a parked car on campus? What about on my parked motorcycle?
Yes, you may use tobacco products within your vehicle, but the windows must be rolled up. You may not use tobacco products while sitting on a parked motorcycle, motorized scooter, or bike.

May I smoke outside sporting events and/or theatre performances?
Students, visitors, alumni, and employees are permitted to use tobacco in designated football tailgating areas during designated hours at home games. Tobacco use during half times at all other sporting events or intermission at cultural/artistic performances is not permitted.

What is the university doing to help students and employees quit?
The Student Health Center, Ball State Employee QuickClinic, Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education, and Working Well all offer various health and education resources and services to help people quit. A range of state partners offer online, phone, and one-on-one quit resources and discounts.

How will the policy be enforced?
We ask that all students, employees, and visitors adhere to this policy. We encourage members of the university community to respectfully inform others about the policy to ensure compliance.

Primary enforcement of this policy will be left with people who head individual units, departments, buildings, student housing units, those who supervise personnel, Public Safety personnel, and other designees.

Anyone who fails to comply with the policy may be fined $100 per occurrence. University police will issue citations. A student’s failure to pay citations will result in a hold on his/her student financial services account. Employees may face disciplinary action.

What should I do if I see someone violating the policy?
You could say something along the lines of: "Are you aware that we do not allow the use of tobacco products of any kind on our campus? Out of respect for our policy, please put out your cigarette (or other tobacco product) and dispose of it in a trashcan. The Student Health Center, Ball State Employee QuickClinic, Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education, and Working Well all offer various health and education resources and services to help people quit.”

If you are not comfortable approaching someone who is violating the tobacco-free policy, please contact University Police at 765-285-1832.

What is the university doing to help people manage their cravings while on campus?
To help manage your cravings for tobacco on campus, the university offers resources. Inform yourself about the impact of smoking and find ways to quit.