The United States does not have a nationalized health care system.  While in many countries the government bears the cost of health care for its citizens and even sometimes for its visitors, individuals and families in the United States are responsible for these costs themselves.  If you need medical care and do not have health insurance, you may find yourself owing thousands of dollars.  The health insurance system offers you protection against these costs.  All international student visa holders must purchase health insurance offered through the University or show proof of purchased health insurance with a minimum benefit of at least $250,000 per accident or illness, a deductible of no more than $500, a medical evacuation benefit of $50,000 or more, and a repatriation of remains benefit of $15,000 or more.   If you are purchasing health insurance through sources outside the University, such as through the internet, contact the Rinker Center for International Programs so they can verify that the insurance policy meets the minimum requirements stated above.  For more information on international student health insurance requirements, click here.

The health insurance policy that is sponsored by the university is available through Palmer Student Programs, LLC.  When purchasing any health insurance policy read the educational materials carefully to know what is covered and not covered.  Pay special attention to sections dealing with Deductible, Maximum Benefit, Copayment, Network versus Non-Network Reimbursement, Eligibility, and Effective and Termination Dates.   For specific policy coverage questions contact Palmer Student Programs, LLC at 1-844-545-4251 or visit

If you have general questions about this insurance, feel free to contact the Rinker Center for International Programs at 765-285-5422.