Welcome to the Ball State University Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) Policy.  We encourage all Ball State University community members to become familiar with the Ball State University Drone Policy in its entirety and to reach out to the Office of Risk Management to apply for permission to conduct Drone activity, to register a Drone or for any additional information.  For a quick understanding of the outline of the policy and how it may apply to you, please review the following with the understanding that all drone users whether university employees, students and/or third parties must comply with the policy in its entirety:


The Ball State Drone Policy applies to faculty, staff, students, volunteers, clubs/organizations and individuals who operate a drone as part of their university employment or as part of any university-related research or activity whether on university property or property that is not Ball State University property (additional state and local laws, as well as, other organizational policies may apply).  The Ball State Drone Policy also applies to any third party or hobbyist that may operate a drone on or over university property. 


The intent of the Ball State University Policy is to recognize the value of the use of new and innovative equipment related to Ball State University teaching, research, operational and marketing efforts, while balancing the best interest and safety of our community members and the university’s daily operational requirements. 


All drone operators who intend to operate a drone over university property for any purpose shall apply to the Office of Risk Management for approval to conduct drone activity at least 14 calendar days prior to the drone flight.  Non-BSU affiliates may apply here.


The full Ball State University Drone Policy addresses the following: 

  1. The formal drone flight application, purchase, and registration processes
  2. Drone operation restrictions related to drone height, weight, line-of- site, responsible use, people present in the drone flight vicinity, and emergency response interference
  3. Compliance with state and local laws, including local airport requirements
  4. Third party contractors, required insurance coverage, surveillance and privacy.
Ball State University academic courses and/or programs utilizing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones, shall be determined by Risk Management in accordance with Section III. Letter I. of this Policy.

The Office of Risk Management would like to thank all of the Ball State University community members who participated in the research, creation, review, revision, enactment and implementation of the Ball State University Drone policy.  Please feel free to contact us for further Ball State University Drone Policy information or assistance.  We look forward to working with you.