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Upcoming Fall Offerings

Optional Live Zoom Sessions: Monday-Wednesday, 10-11 a.m.
If you cannot attend the live sessions, they will be recorded and made available in the course.

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This three-day, self-paced course will help you leverage student and course analytics in Canvas to examine relationships between engagement and learning outcomes. You will be enrolled as a student in a Canvas course for the studio and work through several steps, including how to collect log-in information, rates of participation in specific activities, amount of time spent interacting with online resources or with other students, and breakdowns of student grades.

Studio Objectives:

  • View student and course analytics by date, submissions, and grades
  • Utilize the graph and table views to review data
  • Interpret analytics for page views, participations, and submissions
  • Organize data with sorts and filters
  • Employ analytics to support an intervention plan

Learn more about Respondus, LockDown Browser, and Monitor 

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Join Instructional Consultant Kwesi Tandoh during this one-hour informational webinar.

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor are university-supported tools. Learn more about Respondus Tools on our Continuity of Instruction Community.

Participants will: 

  • Learn how to author and manage exams using Respondus for Canvas Quizzes
  • Learn how to set up Respondus LockDown Browser for Canvas Quizzes
  • Learn how to set up Respondus Monitor for Canvas Quizzes

More about Respondus tools:

  • Respondus 4.0 is an exam authoring tool for creating and managing exams. Exams can be created offline using a Windows environment.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser is a web browser for taking tests in Canvas. The Lockdown Browser prevents students from copying, pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging programs, accessing other applications, or accessing other websites (unless configured to allow access to specified external sites). 
  • Respondus Monitor is a video monitoring service that works in conjunction with the Respondus Lockdown Browser. It serves as a deterrent to students using secondary computers, phones, calculators, textbooks, or receiving assistance from other students. After a student has taken an exam, instructors can review sessions to check for any suspect behavior.

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What is the most efficient way to organize and structure your course in Canvas? How can you design or redesign a class site that looks professional and is easy to navigate, that also frees up your time to focus on creating innovative content? How can you engage students? How can you ensure quality? Developing a Canvas class site, whether to complement a face-to-face course, or to provide for a fully online or hybrid course, can be a time-consuming and daunting project. It involves the careful selection of tools and features, some degree of design and technical expertise, and strategic planning for consistency of layout. Online and Strategic Learning has created and wants to share with you a new 16-Week template for courses in Canvas. Integrating this template in your course is a simple means to dramatically streamline this development process and reduce the time needed to prepare class sites, so that you can focus on what matters: your content and cultivating community with your students During this 90-minute webinar, you will: Learn how to obtain the template Tour the template and its contents Explore built-in engagement strategies to encourage student success Recognize opportunities to individualize the template to your personal teaching style.

Developing a Course for Spring 2022?

We offer 1:1 consultation to provide a thorough assessment of course(s) with the Quality Matters+ Ball State Rubric and provide constructive feedback on how to improve the overall design, accessibility, alignment, and ease of navigation from the student perspective.

Send us an email to schedule a 1:1 consultation with our faculty support team. A member from our team will walk you through the Self-Assessment Tool and process for quality course design.

Download a Canvas Template 

Not sure where to begin? Use a Canvas Template created by our team.

Technology Coaching and Teaching Consultation

Designed to address the unique needs of the individual instructor, consultations begin with a meeting to identify teaching issue/s, provide feedback, and work to find a solution. The consultation may also include class observations.

Contact us at to set up a consultation.

Request an Online Retreat

College or discipline-specific retreats and professional development days. Professionals from the Division of Online and Strategic Learning can facilitate an online retreat to help faculty address discipline-specific issues about student needs. This can be a one-day bootcamp in Canvas with select live-hour sessions.

Contact us at to set up a retreat or professional development day or to learn more about how we can help.

Faculty Testimonials

David Largent

Dave Largent, Associate Lecturer of Computer Science

"I’ve received lots of positive comments from learners the last couple of semesters. While I’d like to take full credit for them, I truly believe I would not have received the kudos were it not for things I’ve done after participating in a variety of DOSL’s professional development opportunities. Completing ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction (which I had access to through DOSL) had the biggest impact on my teaching. Close in impact was what I learned from DOSL’s Remote Teaching Bootcamp, their Faculty Learning Community on Remote Synchronous Learning, and  their Keeping Students Engaged During A Pandemic: 5 Day Certificate Course. DOSL provided me the opportunity to learn and grow. I just had to put forth the effort to do so—just like the learners in my courses."

Darolyn Jones

Lyn Jones, Assistant Teaching Professor of English

"I find DOSL's regular webinars to be a community building exercise.  I look forward to seeing and meeting with my colleagues to share and swap resources, learn of new methods to build community, engage with my students, and make my course work and Canvas delivery more 'student friendly'."