The Office of Information Technology provides and supports technology, communication, information, and collaborative services to Ball State faculty, students, and staff in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Our primary goal is to serve as a catalyst to the campus community using technology in creative, innovative, and immersive directions to advance and support the mission and goals of the university.

We strive to reduce the hassle factor for our end users by unbundling the complex, standardizing processes, seeking a smaller footprint, promoting self-reliance, and avoiding duplication of services.

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Top Ten Answers for Academic Staff

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Student PrintSmart

Student Print Smart is a new printing service for students that allows them to print remotely to any printer they choose. Print Smart printers are located at the Print Smart Depot in Robert Bell bldg, RB 165 and the Student Center lab, SC 118. They can also be found throughout University Libraries in Bracken, College of Architecture, and Cooper Physical Science.

Student Print Smart allows students to: 

  • Submit a print job online at
  • Print up to 600 pages or impressions per semester at no cost
  • Release print jobs through mobileprint from any Print Smart printer
  • Print securely and privately; only the student can release and see their print job
  • Save waste: each print job defaults to duplex (two-sided printing) and reduces tray trash by not printing until the job is released.

The Student Print Smart Logo is visible on all printers connected to this program.


If you have questions about the process or would like assistance, please contact the Technology HelpDesk to submit a ticket or call 765-285-1517 to speak with a Technology HelpDesk representative. More information can be found at this Knowledge Base article.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on this site, the Technology HelpDesk is available 24/7 to answer a broad-array of technology questions about software/hardware issues; setting up your computer, tablet, or mobile device; Blackboard questions; usernames and passwords; email accounts and much more.