Virtual worlds are three-dimensional environments that can provide compelling shared experiences for their users. These immersive spaces can connect to social networks, web-services, media and data to bridge into an entire universe of external content. We have developed scores of projects in virtual worlds and game engines including CryEngine, Unity 3D, Blue Mars, Jibe, Second Life, Open Simulator, and Quest 3D.

The virtual world workflow begins in Maya 3D, or other industry
standard animation software packages used in visualization industries – where the geometries are proportioned and prepared to receive textures. The models are then brought into Unity 3D or similar game engine where the lighting, textures, real-time shadows, and physics simulations are applied. Any functionality or interactivity is then designed using the game engine’s internal scripting toolsets or external coding.

Virtual worlds and hybrid reality applications have recently been deployable and experienced on both internet browsers and mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids and tablets. As these new virtual capabilities scale down instead of up – their potential to be integrated into other hybrid experiences increases. Mobile devices are used to help us navigate, communicate, stay informed and be entertained – as these ever more powerful devices are embedded into our daily lives – they allow for a single project to be scaled for spectrum of immersive or mobile experiences. The same content from projects can now be realized as an executable, online browser, mobile device or even game consoles such as Nintendo Wii game using one production workflow.

 Ball Glass Factory in Blue MarsVirtual Middletown Living Museum in Blue Mars

The Virtual Middletown Project brings to life the 1929 and 1937 Lynd Study of Middletown America through the virtual world of Blue Mars. This prototype recreates elements of industrial life from that period, specifically the Ball Glass Factory. The project incorporates various modes of learning and interaction - while maintaining the immersive experience.

Court of the Universe in Blue Mars Virtual Simulations

IDIA Lab in Blue Mars, is an evolving showcase of historic simulation and cultural heritage projects from the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University. Explore the 1915 World’s Fair, Asian temples, and an interactive art museum.

 Flickr GettrHybrid Interface in Virtual Worlds 

Flickr Gettr bridges the virtual world to the wealth of shared real life imagery and information in Flickr, providing an immersive sonic and visual experience of the collective image resource.