Health Promotion and Advocacy’s mission is to help students succeed academically through the promotion of healthier lifestyles. As part of our mission, a strong outreach/consultation component is oriented towards prevention, student development, and wellness to promote academic achievement.

If you’d like to request a presentation, outreach, or program, you can fill out our request a program form.

  • Please note we require at least two (2) weeks' notice for programs to allow for adequate staffing.
  • For customized programs, we require at least three (3) weeks' notice to create and staff the program.
  • If you would like more information about our programs or if you need help in choosing a program, we can help you pick a program that best suits your group's needs.If you do not see a program listed that you are interested in having presented or would like a customized program, please contact or call 765-285-3775.
  • Programs include topics relating to substance misuse, mental health, healthy relationships, sex education, violence prevention, stress/time management, nutrition, sleep, overall wellness, and public health initiatives such as COVID-19 safety.)

Group Presentations

  • AOD Presentation
  • Drug Workshop
  • RedZone
  • The Nine Dimensions of Wellness and Creating Healthier Habits
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Contraception Options
  • Sex Education Presentation
  • STDs/STIs

Outreach and Programming

  • Condom Bingo
  • Sex Ed Trivia
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight